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Meet the Team

Mike Ehinger

Professional Integrator

🏢 25 Years of Business Ownership:

I have seen the challenges of successful business ownership firsthand and am ready to help guide you through yours. 
👨‍🏫 Teacher and Coach for 25 Years:

With countless hours helping bring out the best in others,  my mentorship extends beyond the conference room, fostering personal and professional growth in the team.
⚓ I've been there:

I have served in both the visionary and integrator seats, enabling me to understand the issues facing a team and company.
🚀 Professional Integrator:

With experience in multiple companies over many years, I  will own the Integrator /COO seat - executing the business plan while leading and managing the team. 

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Cara Ehinger

Founder & Fractional Integrator

 I was a business owner like you. I know what it's like to feel frustrated, stuck, and sleep-deprived. On a recommendation, I read the book Traction by Gino Wickman and fell in love with it. Becoming the integrator for my business, I first worked with the leadership team to incorporate the system and later helped extend its principles to the whole company. Once efficiency and communication improved, we could streamline the business for growth, hiring, and firing based on core values and measurables. When we sold the company, I realized how much I missed working with EOS® to shape and build my business. I decided to become an independent fractional integrator so that I could use my passion and experience to help other business owners incorporate the system into their company.

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